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Consilience 360 Unifying Business, Science and Security


Consilience: The principle that evidence from different,

unrelated sources can converge on strong conclusions. 




our unique Approach

We engage directly with boards of directors and senior executives in order to help them fulfill the operational and fiduciary responsibilities with respect to security.

We only employ leading security practitioners with the requisite experience and sophistication to advise senior decision-makers.

We leverage extensive technical and business experience to provide sophisticated assessment of security risk.

We identify the root causes of cybersecurity risk and recommend technical and non-technical solutions that align with the organizational tolerance for risk.

our value

We conduct sophisticated technical assessments that reveal critical security vulnerabilities and gaps in cybersecurity risk.

We provide a more complete understanding of cybersecurity vulnerability by examining both technical and non-technical drivers of cybersecurity risk.

We leverage an understanding of an organization's technology and culture to determine security risk management priorities.

our value

The organizational attachment points

security Controls/  information assets





Enterprise View of Security Risk


ceo / cio/ coo / cto / CISO

Strategic and Tactical Views Of Security Risk

OUr deliverables

Based on the engagement terms, written and/or verbal reports containing one or more of the following elements:

Prioritized recommendations on strategic and tactical cybersecurity risk management, security governance and the cultural drivers of risk.

Identification of significant gaps in  security controls.

Rigorous cybersecurity risk assessments of processes, workflows and technologies.

Risk profiles of core information assets.

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