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Consilience 360 Unifying Business, Science and Security


Our efforts are discreet, our methods are scientific, and our conclusions are evidence-based.  

We always function as a trusted advisor and source of ground truth for boards of directors and senior executives.


Our mission is to help clients secure their critical information assets, and to facilitate effective security governance.

operational principles

Effective security governance ensures the organizational culture, business operations and cybersecurity risk management are in sync and aligned with the tolerance for risk.

Identifying technical vulnerabilities is necessary but not sufficient to effectively manage cybersecurity risk. Processes, workflows and culture contribute significantly to the magnitude of risk.

Cybersecurity risk is scale-dependent and therefore requires both macroscopic and microscopic assessments to address root causes and individual vulnerabilities, respectively.


We are experienced former FBI agents who have worked in academia, government and business. Our experience includes:

Founder and Co-President of digital forensics and cyber consultancy Stroz Friedberg LLC. Acquired by Aon in 2016

Global Head of Security Technology for Goldman Sachs in New York and London

FBI senior executive who was awarded one of the highest civilian awards for technical contributions to counterintelligence and counterterrorism investigations

FBI Supervisory Special Agent who was in charge of the first cybercrime squad in New York

Advisors to the US government, major institutions and blue ribbon commissions

Dozens of complex security engagements in support of high-profile cybersecurity matters

Numerous books, peer-reviewed journal articles, public presentations and expert testimony

Member of the Fordham University Board of Trustees and consultant to the JASON Defense Advisory Group

CIO and CTO for The Juilliard School


Selected Publications and Presentations

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E. Stroz -Panelist

"Cyber from the Perspective of the Board" 

Panel discussion hosted by The Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare, November 10, 2020

E. Stroz - Author

"Ensuring Your Board is on the Same Page Regarding Cyber Response. Navigating the Digital Age: The Definitive Cybersecurity Guide for Directors and Officers"

Palo Alto Networks, United Kingdom, January 2017

C. Young - Author

"The Enemies of Data Security: Convenience and Collaboration"

Harvard Business Review, February 11, 2015

D. Chang and C. Young - Authors

"Probabilistic Estimates of the Vulnerability to Explosive Over-pressures and Impulses"

The Journal of Physical Security," Vol. 4, Issue 2, 10-29, 2010

D. Chang and C. Young - Authors

"Infection Dynamics on the Internet"

Computers and Security, Vol. 24, No. 4, 280-286, 2005

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